UC Staff

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Filip, CEO & Founder

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Born and raised in small village in the middle of Europe, Slovakia. I have been digging music since I was a teenager. In 2011 I started my music blog Start-track and later my cassette label Z Tapes. I am a hyperactive person doing too many projects and hobbies. I am a huge coffee geek, I love taking analog photos and I am a very artsy person. I enjoy doing marketing and everything business related. I love to discover new things and new places, I travel a lot. Favorite music is mostly produced in bedrooms of amazing people. Bedroom pop, dream pop, lo-fi, surf, garage, punk. But I can listen to anything what gets me. I love to talk and hang out. And you?


Mia, PR Director


Outdated physical media enthusiast; I collect cassettes and records. Dog mom to a chihuahua/italian greyhound mix named Ollie, a chihuahua/pit bull mix named Louie, an extra tiny chihuahua named Ginko that my boyfriend and I found in an alley and a min pin named Cash. I watch a lot of anime, spend a fair amount of time on the internet, write, do lots of arts and crafts and own too many books.

Some Favorite Types of Music: ambient, shoegaze, midwest emo, lofi, bedroom pop, noise, lofi, environmental sound recordings, musique concrete, dark ambient



Nate, Digital Communications

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University student in North Carolina, USA. writing, performing, and releasing tapes as Leaaves and Lord Bendtner. @nateyomatey on twitter to chat; always down to trade mixtapes!






Austin [Tapes & Tubes], Staff Writer

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My name’s Austin Potter. I grew up in Olympia, WA and recently relocated to Philadelphia, PA. I have a beautiful young family and two dogs. When I was younger, I hosted a live radio show for ten years. Additionally, I record and perform music under the moniker, Tapes & Tubes.



Callum, Staff Writer

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Yo! I’m Callum, I was born in the year 20XX or something and I’ve just been floating through tape spools since. My music taste is pretty diverse. Lately I’ve been listening to a load of Tropicalia records and generally anything quirky from the psych scene in Brazil/South America in the 70’s. I’ve also been trawling through lo-fi releases from my pal’s labels. Outside of music, I love videogames and making films. I also have a few pets and an adorable cactus (name to be decided).



Ken, Staff Writer 

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Hello, I’m Ken. I love being at the ocean or in the mountains. These places call me. I must bring my camera though. I shoot film photography and work in medical research. I plan for a PhD in psychology. Screamo is my favorite music. I have a soft spot for twinkly emo. I also listen to melodic punk, hardcore punk, post-rock, j-rock, j-pop, and I enjoy some good blackened crust.
You can find me watching Studio Ghibli and Makoto Shinkai films on slow days or in San Francisco waiting for the Judah line.

My instagram is @pullingdownthesky

Martin, Staff Writer

Screenshot from 2016-06-09 13:22:14My name´s Martin – I´m loving the present moment, the sound of falling rain and the smell of gasoline.
Cassettes are making me feel cosy because they remind me of my childhood before CDs were a thing.
Musical preferences? Techno, Noise, Industrial, Ambient, Drone and Experimental Electronica.
What if not music? Silence, thinking, nature, coffee, friends, food.
Daily life? Producing music and DIYing tapes as Trium Circulorum.
Nothing compares to the acoustic imperfection of cassettes.

“I’m going by @triumcirculorum on Twitter, hit me up for gear talk and other music related stuff…or review suggestions.

Tyler, Staff Writer

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Taste in music: mostly obscure metal and rock (post-metal is my favorite genre), electronica, alternative hip hop, soundtrack music Interests outside of music: animals, existentialism, horror stories, space, social justice, art Hobbies: playing the guitar, recording and producing music Pets: a small dog named Angel who is some kind of mix




Special thanks to the creator of United Cassettes, Filip Zemčík of Z Tapes! We wouldn’t all be here without him!