UC Exclusive Stream: Brotherlode – Dublin’s Lo-Fi Gem

Brotherlode is the project of Seán Bean, one of the latest new-comers to the ever expansive Dublin Lo-Fi scene, which has been exploding since its recent inception. “Asian Cuisine” is his brand new album, a lo-fi jaunt with heavy leanings to Steely Dan and Haroumi Hosono-esque jazz vibes.

Spanning eleven tracks, “Asian Cuisine” is a testament to DIY recording and sheer musicality that transcends far beyond Bean’s years, a sprawling beast in itself compiling material spanning the last two years, creating a sense of variation and genuine eclecticity. “Anne, Burning” is a taster of this new record, a heady trip filled with reverb-drenched vocals, intricate guitar work and subtly funky drums – a true encompasser of what to expect from “Asian Cuisine”.

“Asian Cuisine” releases on cassette and CD via Little L Records on March 5th.

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Label owner / vintage guitar aficionado / often found playing Earthbound.