In Love With A Ghost – let’s go

In Love With A Ghost is the moniker used by France-based pianist and producer Maël, who has proven to be a talented incipient in the extensively diverse soundscape of Bandcamp. With his first release of 2016, an EP titled let’s go, Maël blends original piano arrangements with dreamy vocal samples in a blissful medley. Elements of chillwave are present, and yet Maël’s distinct lo-fi style manages to separate itself from the usual archetypes of the genre. The first track, “we’ve never met but, can we have a coffee or something” sets the tone for the rest of the EP, not only with the poignant and evocative title, but with the airy and serene feeling that takes you from track to track, and will make you want for more. This is a soundtrack for a mellow evening; putting this tape on can easily take your attention from a stressful day and help you unwind by pulling you into an atmosphere of tranquility.

In Love With A Ghost’s “let’s go” was released on Z Tapes in April of 2016, with a limited supply of 70 cassettes.

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Jack McKoen is a student that likes music.