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10 very short reviews of 10 cassette releases curated by z tapes and reviewed very small album review

1 Young Scum – Zona

A flip phone video of a pool chair gliding through an atmosphere of chamomile tea & Surge soda.

Cassettes: citruscityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/zona

2 Father Tribe – S/T

A paper wasp nest in the shape of a pineapple pinned 2 a powder blue, wooden wheel.

Cassettes: craftedsounds.bandcamp.com/album/father-tribe

3 Community College – Broken Back (TRK RVW)

A bird on the same branch under a gray sky every morning.

Cassettes: disposableamerica.bandcamp.com/album/special-interest

4 Acid Ghost – Vacations

A rust eyed couch falls from an apartment balcony into a draining pool.

Cassettes: humansoundsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/vacations

5 High Sunn – Flower Funeral

A balloon lantern thinks of something humorous on a weaving alpine slide.

Cassettes: craftedsounds.bandcamp.com/album/flower-funeral

6 Cloud Cover – Cannibalism (TRK RVW)

In an opal hallway, the voice of a moon you’ve never seen.

Cassettes: disposableamerica.bandcamp.com/album/mirror-me

7 Father Truck – Don’t Settle For Anything Less

Patchwork quilt in your parent’s attic covered in words you once said.

Cassettes: fathertruck.bandcamp.com/album/dont-settle-for-anything-less

8 Deerful – Staying Still

A classic painting on the inside of a crocus bouquet growing from an old computer.

Cassettes: deerful.bandcamp.com/album/staying-still

9 Harley Alexander – Harland

In a hazy, faux wood living room an old horse walks on a lampshade from a vacation condo.

Cassettes: harleyalexander.bandcamp.com/album/harland

10 Tremolo Ghosts – Blueish

Decorative brown pillow with a shadowy golden staircase embroidered on the front side.

Cassettes: tremologhosts.bandcamp.com/album/blueish


Written by:

An Ant on Helium giving abstract reviews of your fave albums.